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This is controlled using index update strategies. Solr and Azure Search providers allow sharing of search indexes between Sitecore XP instances. In this case, it is sufficient to have one Sitecore XP instance that performs indexing. Sitecore Roles allows you to disable index update strategies on the instances that do not have the Indexing role. I spent entirely too long troubleshooting a customer's approach to the RemoteRebuild indexing strategy for Sitecore. The official documentation is fairly straight-forward, but there are some significant gaps left up to the reader to infer or figure out. I think the heading "Best Practice" on that documentation page is great, and I hope Sitecore continues… When syncMaster strategy initializes, it subscribes to all the Sitecore item events (e.g. ItemCopied, ItemMoved etc) and executes its Run method every time event is fired. public void Initialize(ISearchIndex index) { CrawlingLog.Log.Info(string.Format("[Index={0}] Initializing SynchronousStrategy.", index.Name), null);

Sitecore indexes are built by using following methods. Publishing the content. Navigate to control panel -> Indexing Manager -> clicking on rebuild search index button with the required indexes. Rebuild indexes by using Rebuild method of API Sitecore.ContentSearch.ContentSearchManager.GetIndex("sitecore_web_index") Here's the node in Sitecore.ContentSearch.DefaultConfigurations.config: